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Student Projects in CADPOINT Kollam

The final year project is a core part of all Engineering programmes. Teams of 4 or 5 students work together to complete a project set by the Engineering or Polytechnic Colleges.

The Types of academic projects vary and can encompass any aspect of the college. Topics could include Construction design, Operational Improvements, Programming – or anything that you think is an issue you want addressed. Despite these differences the goal of all project is the same – to allow students to connect what they have learned in the classroom to the real world, producing tangible and usable results for colleges.

Our students project department offer a wide and varied project titles which will help students that can bring a wealth of specialist knowledge and ability to your organisation. Each project is supervised by a member of our academic staff. Upon successfully completing the project, we provide valuable recommendation based on student performance to various organisation as a sort of job application support.

Why Choose CADPOINT for Student Projects?

Our Project trainings are unique and we know students realistic needs. Each student group requirement is usnique for us and we always make sure to maintain the quality. We always analyse following steps while considering the project requirement for each student group.

  1. Choose a good cause for student project:
  2. When we recommend the project titles, we carefully consider how the project will be useful for there career. We train the students in a way that, students can show there academic projects as a gateway to there career.

  3. Be creative, but stay focused
  4. One of the most difficult parts of student projects – and any project in real life – is to find an innovative solution for problems around us. Paradoxically, it is not so difficult to identify large-scale global problems; however it is a challenge to scale them down to make them manageable for student teams and implementation with a very limited budget. All our projects are well organised and is capable of providing a challenging environment for the students to self employ them.

  5. Choose an appropriate path and make it applicable
  6. The secret of any creative thinking lies in the ability to identify the right combination of effort and resources – finding a good solution at minimal cost. Very often this approach requires a different look at already widely used materials and resources. It is also essential to choose an appropriate path that is applicable in a particular environment – city or rural etc

  7. Remember presentation and planning are essential
  8. Just finding an interesting and innovative solution is not enough. There are two important aspects to consider and address: style of presentation, and timing. Very often brilliant ideas are not appreciated when they are not written in the language of the grant/award requirements views on innovation, so it is obvious that you need to do brilliant presentation with your academic staff and proudly present to your job interview.

    We are always here to help you. Come and have a look at the quality of our project and be amazed of yourself:

Some of the areas we cover in student projects include:

  1. AutoCAD civil 3d
  2. Catia
  3. Revit Structural
  4. Interior Designing
  5. Electrical CAD
  6. Programming Languages – C, C++, C#, Asp .net, .Net, Java, J2EE, PHP,
  7. Databases – Mysql, Sql Server, Oracle
  8. Mechanical CAD
  9. Revit Architectural
  10. Civil CAD

Student Projects

To successfully complete engineering or polytechnic Student Projects, get your project done, trained and certified with CAD POINT


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