Proe Training / CREO Software Training

Get Proe training / CREO software training from PTC University approved training centre in Kollam. The CADPOINT in Kollam at High School Junction is an approved training centre of PTC University.

What is Pro-e?

ProE is a multi program software which is used for analysis, design and manufacturing. In the proe training at CADPOINT, the course will be dealing with the first capability of ProE which deals with the model creation and assembly of designs. Also, ProE is linked to another package called MEHANICA which is used to perform thermal, structural and motion analysis. The structural analysis of MEHANICA also includes static stress, deformation, buckling and vibration. ProE and MECHANICA can be used for optimization and parametric studies. Connecting ProE to NC machines provide the manufacturing capabilities. Wide range of sheet metal forming, piping layout and model designs can be handled.

Proe training / CREO Software Training

Some of the topics covered in our Proe training at our CADPOINT Kollam in High School Junction are as follows:

  1. Controlling External References
  2. Surface Copy
  3. Inheritance Feature
  4. Master Model Merge
  5. Notebooks (formerly known as Layouts)
  6. Copy Geom Feature
  7. Skeletons
  8. Publish Geom Feature
  9. Variable Section Sweep
  10. Pattern Tables
  11. Shrinkwrap Feature
  12. Local Groups
  13. Creating Components from within Assy
  14. Assembly Simplified Reps
  15. Pattern Tables
  16. Zone Simplified Representations
  17. Intro to Surfaces
  18. Extending Surfaces
  19. Placing User-Defined Features
  20. Pro/Program at the Part Level
  21. Pro/Program at the Assembly Level

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Proe Training Kollam

Proe training in kollam / CREO Software Training

CADPOINT in Kollam at High School Junction is the only training centre in kollam approved by PTC University for training services. Call +914746550123 or +919048550123 to get more information about the courses.

Creo Software Training Kollam

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We cover some other topics aswell in our proe training / creo software training in kollam

  1. Rounds & Draft – Intermediate Rounds, Advanced Draft
  2. Drawing – Drawing Views, Detailed Drawings
  3. Sheet Metal – Intro to Sheet Metal, Sheet Metal Design

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